Kid Rock's Cheap Date Tour — Gallagher Staging
September 9, 2015



Wednesday // September 9, 2015

It’s no surprise that Kid Rock knows how to throw a party, and if you don’t have a ticket you might be out of luck! With record breaking sold out concerts across the nation, the soulful rocker’s Cheap Date: First Kiss Tour is full of crowd pleasing routines, all for the low price of $20 bucks. Who would have thought that $20 can still buy you a night out, especially to a concert?

As you may expect from the 44 year old bad-boy, his made in America attitude radiated not only through his performance but reflected strongly on stage. With a 30’x 60′ American flag backdrop to compliment the stage, additional set elements included custom gold soft goods, a gold leaf video surround, custom laser supports, and a custom striper pole all provided by Gallagher Staging. 

Call it a genius promotion but the $20 Cheap Date tour continues to set all sorts of records proving that the combination of top-notch entertainment and affordable tickets are a win-win for everyone. It’s good to know that with ticket sales sky rocketing year after year, rock and roll can still be experienced at a reasonable price.

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