EDC LAS VEGAS 2015 — Gallagher Staging
July 1, 2015



Wednesday // July 1, 2015

It’s no surprise that 2015’s EDC Las Vegas was a sold out success for a fifth year in a row. With over 134,000 people in attendance, the Las Vegas Speedway was bursting with an energy so palpable, you can’t help but stay awake until wee hours of the morning. 

Known for its elaborately designed stages, this year’s event featured eight newly decorated stages with a star studded lineup of over 200 DJ performances. With each stage having its own unique theme, stage 7 was appropriately sponsored by 7UP and built to perfection by Gallagher Staging. 

The Gallagher Team worked night and day a week prior to the event building the entire truss structure which was supported by G-Blocks. In addition to the stage, Gallagher provided the mezzanine, video supports, and plexiglass railings. 

In a nutshell, kudos to Insomniac for throwing one hell of a festival. Here’s hoping we’ll be back in Las Vegas next year, even though EDC’s 5-year contract with the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was up this year!

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