Flying High with Big Hero 6 — Gallagher Staging
November 7, 2014

Flying High with Big Hero 6

Flying High with Big Hero 6

Friday // November 7, 2014

There was high-flying fun to be had at the Big Hero 6 Movie Premiere at the El Capitan Theatre on November 4. The popular Marvel adventure received Disney’s special treatment, making this their first comic to become an animated motion picture.

For this highly anticipated event, the red carpet was brought to life with a replica of the films San Fransokyo Bridge, inspired by California’s iconic Golden Gate. Gallagher gear was used to erect the fully engineered structure, using 20.5″ truss and 18 G-Blocks. The 30′ tall bridge stole the spotlight, making countless impressions among Hollywood’s elite.

If the Big Hero 6 premiere is any indication of the film, this action packed motion picture, is sure to satisfy fans around the world.

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