Monumentour — Gallagher Staging
August 7, 2014



Thursday // August 7, 2014

Paramore and Fall Out Boy hit the road this summer for their co-headlining “Monumentour”. Not to worry about who’s Top Dog in this duo – competition is hardly needed between these torch-bearers. Despite which band you gravitate more to, both bands have one very important thing in common…they both reached out to Gallagher Staging to produce their ‘monumental’ stage sets, making them bigger and better than ever before.

This is the largest production for both bands to date, making this an exciting assignment for the Gallagher Team. For Paramore’s electrifying set, Gallagher Staging produced three custom rotating mirror ball walls, three kabuki reveals, and custom set carts with built in Nexus panels. 

Fall Out Boy’s striking set consisted of rental and custom gear, including an 8′ x 36′ at 7′ tall up stage platform with a built in lift, and two triangular stair units with a custom drum riser.

Both of these mainstream bands continue to evolve year after year, and are a true testament that rock and roll is here to stay.

Paramore Set Designer: Butch Allen

Fall Out Boy Set Designer: Rob Jibson

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